7orca manages over EUR 1.5bn one year after foundation

7orca Asset Management AG (7orca) specialises in quantitative investment strategies for hedging currency risks (currency overlay) and earning volatility risk premiums (short



  • 7orca is well-established as a specialist in currency overlay and short volatility strategies for institutional clients
  • Customised solutions and continuous enhancement of investment processes are drivers of performance and increase customer benefits.
  • As of 29 November 2018, 7orca manages an excess of EUR 1.5bn assets under management (AuM)

Customer-centric growth

Since its start in November 2017, the independent asset manager 7orca has established itself as a professional partner for institutional investors. In the German-speaking home market, the company is entrusted with the management of currency risks and the development of the alternative source of returns volatility by renowned pension institutions, insurance companies, foundations, managers of illiquid assets and family offices. In order to meet the growing customer interest in the long term, the number of employees has risen from nine at the time of the company's foundation to thirteen. "We are extraordinarily grateful for the trust placed in us. The demand from customers confirms that we are strategically well positioned and offer our investors a genuine added value: The main reasons for our growth are good performance, our independent corporate structure and our absolute customer focus," says Tindaro Siragusano, CEO of 7orca.

Continuous improvement as performance driver

A key component of a good performance is the continuous improvement of investment processes. Further optimisations were implemented in the currency overlay: firstly, the introduction of a model based on artificial intelligence; secondly, the consideration of increased hedging costs in the investment process; and thirdly, the choice between foreign exchange futures and forward exchange transactions in the mandate implementation. The short volatility strategy 7orca Vega Return was further improved by the addition of currencies as an asset class and intelligent risk management adaptations. "Through the implemented innovations, we have measurably improved the performance of our strategies and reduced the risk. These quantifiable steps encourage us to continue on our chosen path," emphasises Jasper Düx, CIO of 7orca.


In the future, 7orca will continue to work intensively and consistently for the success of its customers. "We are very confident that positive business development we have experienced in 2018 will continue in the coming years. Through attractive performance, diligent competence and distinctive individualisation for each client, we aim to become one of the best asset managers on the market for currency overlay and short volatility strategies," says Tindaro Siragusano, CEO of 7orca, describing the company's longterm goal.


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