7orca is committed to adhering to ethical standards and acting responsibly towards all its stakeholders. These are, among others, customers, business partners and employees.

Responsibility towards clients and business partners
As an independent and focused asset manager, 7orca places the interests of its clients at the core of its business. We avoid conflicts of interest and ensure equal treatment of all clients. Our employees act with integrity and are continuously trained on topics such as money laundering, compliance, data protection, etc.

Our business processes are based on the applicable legal framework and regulatory requirements.

Responsibility towards employees
Our innovative corporate culture is based on dynamism, proactivity, a high degree of personal responsibility and mutual trust. We cultivate a collegial working atmosphere and live an open and respectful interaction.

We support our employees in further developing their professional and social skills. Their satisfaction and initiative is an essential part of 7orca’s corporate culture.

Responsibility towards the environment
We are also committed to sustainability with regard to the environment. 7orca aims to take sustainability aspects into account in its operational processes, for example through the use of green electricity and the preference for remote presentations (webcasts) over face-to-face meetings. In addition, our employees largely avoid the use of combustion engines for commuting.

of the UN PRI

Since 2019, we have been a signatory of the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment). The initiative of the United Nations aims to integrate environmental and social aspects as well as the type of corporate governance into investment processes.

Sustainability in
investment processes

As a specialised asset manager, we offer our clients solutions to earn the volatility risk premium and to manage FX risks. These strategies are implemented using simple derivative instruments such as forward exchange contracts, options and futures in the underlying assets equities, bonds and currencies. We use long investments in bonds for the bond floor of our short volatility strategies.

We draw on MSCI, a specialised external partner, to record the sustainability risks of the single securities (equities and bonds or derivatives with corresponding underlyings). We use the MSCI ESG ratings on more than 14,000 issuers. MSCI rates each of these issuers relative to their peers in terms of their resilience to ESG risks and their ability to seize opportunities resulting from change. The use of this data is firmly integrated into the respective investment process and leads to the exclusion of stocks with below-average ratings.

More information on MSCI ESG ratings

We also take sustainability risks into account when using derivatives on indices or currencies, although their valuation is still proving difficult at present. We are monitoring the emergence of new products such as derivatives with ESG-compliant indices as benchmarks. We will also weigh up the use of such products from a risk perspective, such as limited liquidity.

More information in German on Dealing with sustainability risks



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